The Islamic Center of Detroit (ICD) was officially opened to public on the EID Al-FITER of year 2000. Since then, the ICD has been moving forward towards expansions, and working on new projects that will benefit Muslims in the Detroit metro area and surrounding communities.

Some of the projects that ICD has accomplished with the help of God and then generous donations of our community:

A full time Islamic school, starting at kindergarten and moving on to next grade as each New Year comes.

Weekend and summer school

A banquet hall

Side parking lot for ICD

A kids club

A youth program

Various weekly lectures and programs

Many other events and projects, those have already been done, or are being planned such as summer picnics, sport activities, website…etc.

Some of ICD Goals and Objectives:

Present the message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims and promote understanding among them.

Provide religious, social, educational, and other services for its members as well as other Muslims and non-Muslims.

Promote family values in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Develop and maintain healthy relationship between the ICD members and other local Muslim communities, as well as regional and national non-Muslims communities.

Create feelings of brotherhood/sisterhood among its members and other Muslims in the area.

Foster an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and religions.

The Islamic Center of Detroit is still growing, and at an increasing rate, to help accommodate the needs of our Muslim community, and as always thanks to the dedication and continuous support of our community.