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Qur’an School

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Phone: 313-584-4143

Quran SchoolThis group was started by Sr. Iman Abdallah Al-Qaisi (Um Omar) in 2012.
The class runs from September to June. Each year, there are four sessions; each session lasts two months.

This program is designed to teach America Muslim children and adults, with a basic knowledge of Arabic reading, how to recite the words of Allah. In the process, the program inspires Aqeedah (belief), Shariah, and Islamic mannerisms in the hearts of students through the literary form of stories.
The class is built on the Baghdadiah Tajweed method. Each student receives instructions one-on-one and begins with the pronunciation of the letters (using Quran Made Easy by Shabbir A. Behlim) and moves gradually throughout the Quran until he/she completes the entire Quran with the proper Tajweed rules.
In addition, students are enriched spiritually through stories that were carefully prepared and chosen to introduce various religious topics. These stories are part of a collection by Um Omar’s five-book series, “A Cup of Mint Tea”.
Each session has four groups. Two groups are taught on weekdays (Mondays and Wednesdays) and two sessions are taught on Saturday. Each group is made up of between 25-35 students. There are 3-4 students to each teacher.

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