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Weekend School

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ICD Saturday School


Phone: 313-584-6448

ICD has been serving our children with a weekly Saturday school for many years. They come in to learn Arabic, Islamic History and Qur’an all while making friends with their Muslim brothers and sisters.  It runs during the academic school year.
The weekend school has existed since the inception of the ICD, but the current curriculum was launched five years ago under the guidance of Sr. Samar Chemsedine (Saturday school) and Lama Amireh (Sunday school).

Our mission:

“Sanabel Al-Ihsan mission is to provide an Islamic environment that will establish values through quality of education and leadership skills to support and inspire a lifelong learning journey based on manners, global awareness and strong relationship with Allah & the Qur’an.”

Saturday School:

Presently, the school has about 200 students. Class size is between 15-23 students and levels go from pre-K to eight grade level. Ages range from 4 years old until 16.

The curriculum is based on two textbooks that each come with workbooks: “Taalam Al-Arabia” (ranging from pre-K to sixth grade for Arabic language instruction; and “I love Islam”, used for Islamic Studies (ranges from 1st grade to 8th grade). There are also supplemental teaching resources that the teachers use to enhance the learning.

Arabic studies are done mostly in Arabic and Islamic studies are half and a half to ensure the proper understanding of the material by the students.

The principals and teachers are all dedicated to ensuring an educational, safe and nurturing environment for each child.

Sunday School

The ICD Sunday school program started in 2014. The goal of this program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to enhance their life skills as well as develop their Islamic character. There is a variety of activities, cooking, arts, crafts, and sports.

Islamic Taribiah is integrated into activities by giving a short lecture before every class and Islamic lesson before the Salah (students pray with their teachers in the regular prayers).

The Sunday program is broken into two semesters. Each semester, the instructors survey the parents and students for activities that are then integrated into the program.

Ages accepted are 4-16 years.

Tuition:$ for one semester,

$ for two semesters.

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